Animations by Other People – Some Recommended Viewing…

All links detail:

Title (with link) and Year where possible – Animator (with link) – Style of Animation – Small Review – Production Company/House > and the Production Companies YouTube Channel if they have one.

Longer reviews would sit below these details.

Okay, this first list has been put together by my long time friend and Animation and Games Design colleague’s Andrew Segal’s pick of short animations (2008/2009)… Take a look, they may well be useful when choosing styles for your own animations, illustration, web designs, design imagery etc.


Monsieur Cok – Franck DionDigital 3D/Cut-out styleBonkers anti-war/industry/Eggmen short. – paPY3D Productions > on Vimeo

 Kudan – – Beautiful madness, watch the whole thing, it’s brilliantly bonkers.

They Will Come To Town – Thilo Ewers – The end of the world as we know it…

The Moment Verena Fels, Csaba Letay – Excellent short sequence, intro for German film/animation festival (slow motion car crash)

Onde SonoreMartina Stiftinger – “Fish… just fish…” as Andrew put it.

CycleGuy Bar’ely – Tragic madness…

Emily Kim Leow – Confessions of a Devil Child

 E.T.A. Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen – ‘Alien‘ inspired…

The next list is my own recommended list, and things forwarded by others…

<p><a href=”″>Old Fangs</a> from <a href=””>adrien merigeau</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Directed by Adrien Merigeau and Alan Holly (08/09) Digital/Mixed Media (with a drawn and cutout feel) – Interesting film on the theme of memory, “rights of passage”, and not being able to go home… In all honesty it put me in mind of…

The Man With Beautiful Eyes – Jonathan Hodson, Johnny Hanna, based on the poem by Charles Bukowski… In which a narrator describes how as a child he and his friends find a strange house with an overgrown garden where they play. Only once do they meet the man who lives there, a dead-beat alcoholic with a free and easy spirit who welcomes them. The children see him as a romantic character in stark contrast to their neurotically house proud parents.

Paths of Hate (2010) – Directed by Damian NenowPlatige Image*/films – Game Graphics/Cell Shaded style animation, fantastic aerial dogfight.

*(it’s worth checking out all their shorts here –

Wisdom TeethDon HertzFeldtDrawn/Traditional – Another sickening bout of “drawn out” sadism from genius Don – Bitter Films > on YouTube

PaperManDigital/3D/Emulating traditional – …………. – Disney > Trailer on Youtube plus this documentary…

Back Water Gospel – Director; Arthur Gil Larsen – Animation Lead – CG/2D in 3D – Bo Mathorne – Bachelor film project 2011 from The Animation Workshop with a great “Western” theme, reminiscent of shows like “Carnivale”, thanks to Abbie for Reminding me about this one! –

Film, Film, Film pt 1 – and Part 2 – Fyodor Khitruk – Drawn/Traditional 2D –  A Soviet animation film and Winner of the Grand Prize in Colombo, Sri Lanka 1973, Official Selection of Tampere, Finland 1970, Official Selection New York, USA 1969. Some great Character Design, suggested by my animation student Alex. –

The Eel – Directed by Dominic Hailstone – (No computer graphics used in this by all accounts) – distributed by Onedotzero.

<p><a href=”″>THE EEL (2004) HD uprez</a> from <a href=”″>Dominic Hailstone</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The film was made in response to hearing the track ‘where what’ by Robert Clunne. It was produced over a six month period, shot on mini DV and cost £300 to make. Apart from the Eel puppet, all the fx were made using sellotape, bamboo, condoms and stockings. It was made deliberately low tech and on a low budget to see how far I could push the idea.

The Overcoat – Yuri Norstien – Replacement Animation – Yuri Norstien and spouse deliver an amazingly well observed version of the story, take a look at how this was made and then some of the incredibly human gestures of the character. Near perfect.

“Procrastination”, Tales of Mere Existence Lev YilmazDrawing Process/”Animatic” style/Film – Part of a series of shorts dealing with the intricacies and existential dilemmas of of everyday living –

and finally, this great little advert with a fantastic SF/B-movie narrative… dealing with a very serious subject in a brilliantly weighted/humour/horror style… It’s Payback Time… Created by Chris Bovill, John Allison, Pablo Gonzalez de la Pena, and directed by Smith & Foulkes for 4Creative. – You can find out more about it HERE.

Sites that host animated shorts: – an animation site.


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